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Okay, so I mst. It's what I do. Here are two of them!

Yuan: ::Grogglily:: Nuugh…
Kratos: ::Just as Groggily:: …where are…?
Redux!Lloyd(from here on to be called just plain Lloyd): ::Blinking:: …Father? Is that you?
Kratos: Yes…Why is it so dark here?
Zelos: …Man, did someone get the number of that Rheihard?
Astarael: What’s the matter, humans? Not feeling well?
Yuan: Who said that?!
Astarael: Oh, you can’t see me? Well, I’m glad I wear black, then…

Zelos: …wait, is that your eyes glowing in the dark?

Astarael: …::sighs:

Zelos: They’re red.

Astarael: Yes, and-

:: the screen in front of them comes to life, and displays words.::

Video games >> Tales of Symphonia >> Lies
Astarael: Lies, Eh? Sounds like my kind of story…
Zelos: Who the hell are you, anyway?
Astarael: I am known by many names, but you humans can call me-
Yuan: :: innocently:: Mr. Fluffy?
Astarael: …You, half-elf, will be the first to drown.
Okay, time for the next chapter, right? Well, here it is for everyone. I hope that you’re all enjoying this.
All: …
Thanks for the reviews. Anyway, it’s been a couple days since I updated so I figured I’d update. Not too many reviews for the last one, so I’ll try to make this one better. Anyway, thanks and enjoy.
All: …
Zelos: …oh fuck.

Chapter 11: Recovering

Kratos: Which is what I expect we’ll be doing after this.

Yuan carried Storm back to the Rheihard
Yuan: Carried WHO?!
Astarael: ::raises eyebrow:: How is it that one could carry a storm?
Zelos: …why do I have the feeling I’m glad I’m not in this?
where they flew back to Meltokio. Of course, when they got there he picked her up once again, and she struggled a bit once again. Yuan wouldn’t hear anything different as he continued to carry her all the way back to her father’s house.
Astarael: Storms are female?
Zelos: Is this kinda like naming those Hurricanes or something?
Her arm needed to be fixed and he could do it for her. Besides, Yuan knew he’d be happy to see her alive and back to her normal self.
Lloyd: …Wait, so she’s not alive?
Astarael: …I think I want to meet this girl.
Once they got to his house, Yuan gently set Storm down on the ground before he knocked loudly on the door. After a few moments Kratos slowly opened the door.
Zelos: But there’s a hunny there.
He looked at Yuan and rolled his eyes, but soon his eyes drifted to the girl beside him. His eyes grew wide when he saw his daughter standing in front of him.
“Storm...” Kratos whispered, shocked that she had returned.
Kratos: WHO is my daughter?!
Lloyd and Astarael: WHO’S my sister?!
Yuan: WHO am I in love with?!
Zelos: Don’t look at me, I don’t think I’m in this one.

“Dad...I’m so sorry...” she replied just as quietly before she ran into him, hugging him tightly.

Lloyd: But wasn’t her arm broken?
Zelos: Silly Lloyd, Logic is for Canon Nazis.
Kratos didn’t quite know what to do about her sudden emotion. He held his arms up and away from Storm, a little uncomfortable with how close they were at the moment.
Zelos: ::Accusing stare::
Lloyd: ::before kratos can do anything:: Don’t look at my father that way, Chosen.
Zelos: …man, when’d you start liking him?
Lloyd: ::mirthless grin:: Ever since he raised me.
Zelos: …since he what?!
Lloyd: …
Astarael: Explanations are so tedious.
But then, his fatherly instincts took over as he gently wrapped his arms around her, returning the embrace.
Lloyd: ::finishes explanation, just to see that line:: ::face tightens::
Kratos: I think I would remember if I had a daughter.
Yuan smiled at the scene in front of him, happy to bring the family back together.
Everyone but Yuan: ::slowly turn their heads to Yuan, shocked expressions on their faces::
Yuan: ::Staring in Horror at fic::
Lloyd: Wait, the family’s back together? So what am I? Chopped liver?
Zelos: Lloyd, I think this is a sue. You may as well not even exist.
Lloyd: Hmph.
“Where did you go? Why did you run away?” Kratos asked her gently as he grabbed her arms to pull her back to look at him.
Yuan: Asking her that gently while pulling her back by her arms?!
Zelos: Silly Yuan, Logic is for-
Yuan: I know, shut up.
When he grabbed her injured arm Storm flinched and whimpered a little from the sudden pain.
Lloyd: Her arm is broken, right?
Astarael: That appears to be so, yes.
Lloyd: ::glances at one of his own arms:: When your arm is broken and someone grabs it, it doesn’t just make you wimper and flinch. You feel it.
Zelos: And you would know this how?
Lloyd: ::becomes quiet::
Kratos let go immediately, knowing that he had done something wrong.
“It’s her arm, it’s broken. We were hoping you could fix it,” Yuan explained to him.
Yuan: Yes, because I have to spell everything out for my friend of four thousand years.
Zelos: Really? I thought he spelled things out for you.
Kratos looked back at his daughter, wondering how she had broken her arm.
Kratos: ::Facepalm::
Zelos: Heh, Kratos sure is dumb in this one-
Lloyd and Kratos: ::DEATHGLARE::
Zelos: *Yelps* Dear lord, there’s two of them!
He nodded his head as he led them inside his house. Storm sat down on a sofa and watched as Yuan sat next to her, sitting relatively close to her. Kratos came in after them and saw how close the two were sitting. He smiled softly, hoping that this would be a good sign for his daughter.
Kratos: ::mouth agape at screen::
Yuan: WHAT?!
“Okay, this will feel a little strange,” Kratos warned her.
“Dad, I’ve been healed with this kind of power before,” Storm assured him as Kratos nodded his head at her, a little sad that she had actually had to experience this before.
Astarael: ::squints at the screen:: Isn’t that redundant?
He put his hand over her bad arm and began to use his First Aid.
Lloyd: ::Matter-of-factly:: First Aid cannot heal broken bones. That type of healing magic is merely for minor injuries and cuts.
Zelos: And you would know this how, again?
Lloyd: ::Becomes quiet again::
Storm could feel as her bones began to move back together in her arm and rejoin. She had to admit that it did feel strange as she winced a little at the feeling.
Astarael: But she just said that she was used to it.
Soon, she felt a hand grab onto her other good hand. She looked over and saw Yuan smiling reassuringly at her.
Yuan: …WHAT.
The warmth that she could see in his eyes was enough to melt her heart. It had been a long time since she had seen that look in his eyes.
Yuan: WHAT?!
Soon, the discomfort in her arm stopped and she looked to her father before trying to move her arm. She was able to move it all over without any pain at all. She smiled happily and gave both Yuan and her father a hug.
Kratos and Yuan: ::Exchange glances::
“So, Storm what exactly was going on with you for so long?” her father asked her once she had sat back down.
“Yeah Storm, you didn’t really explain completely,” Yuan added.
Zelos: Please. Please don’t.
“It was him again...he came when my mind was the weakest...when I was having enough doubts and depression running through my mind...” she said as she looked at the ground, whispering softly, almost as if she was afraid he’d hear her and come back.
Astarael: ::Rather cheerily:: Cheer up, emo kid!
Everyone else: ::Stare::
Astarael: …What? It needed to be said.
“Who?” Yuan asked her as he placed a hand on her shoulder.
“...It was Mithos...” she said as glared at the ground angrily, upset that she had allowed herself to be overcome and controlled by him once again.

“Why did you leave? Why didn’t you tell any of us what was wrong?” Kratos asked her suddenly.
“I couldn’t...every time I was around someone I cared about he tried to take over. The only time I couldn’t hear him was when I left everyone. So, I ran away and things were quiet until Yuan came back. Then...Mithos wanted me to kill him,” she said sadly as she remembered how she almost had killed him. “I’m so sorry,” she told him as she turned to look at him.
Astarael: Yet again: Cheer up, Emo kid.
Lloyd: Wait…Mithos is inside her head? How is that possible?
Zelos: …Possession?
“It wasn’t your fault, besides you were able to fight him off,” Yuan told her as he patted her hand.
“How did you break away from him?” Kratos asked her.
“Well, I had to get myself to let go of the sword and had to force him out of my head, sheer will power,” Storm explained.
Zelos: ::as if he is reading scripture:: And only she could do it, for she is the blessed one, the second child of the holy union of Kratos and Anna, the fated daughter who will angst and look good doing it with cherry blossoms falling down around her sacred form, the one who houses Yggdrasill inside her amazingly gorgous head, the final savior of all, she who can look amazing in anything, she who makes her brother look like a child. Lo, she will come and destroy the canon, and the fangirls will rejoice and the Canon Nazis will weep and fall down dead where they stand.
Yuan: You do that far too well.
Zelos: Why, thank you.
“She started throwing herself against the wall. She threw her arm against it until she broke her arm,” Yuan said, hating to think about what he had seen. “I never want to see that again from you,” he told her. Storm smirked a little before nodding her head.
Astarael: [as Storm] Yeah right, sucker.
“Well, at least he’s gone for now, but what about Anna. Now that you’re back to yourself, we need to focus on her,” Kratos told her.
Kratos: ::snaps to attention:: Anna? What does she…?
Zelos: What, did they perform a level ten necromancy summon to bring her back?
Lloyd: Are there ever any necromancy summons below level ten?
Zelos: …Honestly, I don’t know.
“Where is she? Does anyone know?” Storm asked her father.
“We have no idea where she is, but I have to wonder if she thinks you’re dead. She didn’t even come after you. Besides you never went out of your house while you were even in Meltokio,” Kratos brought up.
Zelos: Meltokio? What was she doing in-
Yuan: Zelos, Don’t you live in Meltokio?
Zelos: …OH FUCK NO. NO.
“What if it was because of her that Mithos tried to take you over?” Yuan asked, growing angrier at the girl with each passing second.
“We have to find her...I won’t let her get away with this anymore,” Storm said, growling a little with the second part of her statement to get her point across.
Kratos: ::Faint growling noise:: If they’re talking about Anna…
“I’m going with you,” Yuan said as he stood up and offered her his hand. She looked at him before accepting his hand and his help.
“How are you planning on finding her?” Kratos asked the two of them.
“I’m not planning on looking for her, I want to draw her to me. She wants me dead so badly then when she finds out I’m still alive she’s bound to show up,” Storm said.
Yuan: Yeah, I think they’re talking about Anna.
Kratos: ::eyes narrow::
Lloyd: ::Shocked:: Mother would never.
“Doesn’t that seem a little dangerous?” Yuan asked her. Storm shook her head, it was apparent that she was set on her plan.
“She thinks she’s so strong because we’ve all been holding back on her, but we’ll see how much she likes it when the people with more experience begin to fight her at full strength,” Storm said confidently.
Kratos: …
“Okay, so spread the word that Storm is back and her and I will go around until Anna decides to show up. We’ll find her and we’ll stop her before she kills more people,” Yuan told Kratos as he grabbed Storm’s hand and led her out of the house.
Kratos: ::splutters:: KILL?!

“Where are we going?” Storm asked as Yuan dragged her through Meltokio by her hand.

Yuan: …Ew.

“We’re going back to your house for awhile. We’re going to wait at least a day while the word spreads a little,” he informed her before they finally reached her house. Storm looked at the large mansion and couldn’t help but wish that she was back in her small cottage in Izoold. The town was so peaceful and quiet and she couldn’t help but like the small town life.
Zelos: She’s obviously not one of my hunnies, then.
Storm and Yuan went inside where Storm was greeted by all of her maids. They asked how she was and where she had been. She replied that she was fine and lied saying that she had gone on a vacation suddenly.
Astarael: They care where she’d been? Most maids don’t care where you go, so long as they get paid.
Zelos: Not my maids.
Kratos: Zelos, not all of us have affairs with our house staff.
Zelos: Ouch.
Later that night Storm and Yuan were sitting on a couch in front of the fireplace.
Yuan: I was far, far away from her, on the other side of the couch, I assume.
They watched the flames jumping as they cuddled on the couch,
Yuan: WHAT?!
enjoying just being with each other. Storm had been so lonely since Zelos was gone and she needed some sort of company.
Lloyd: So she was married to you, Zelos.
Astarael: But then where did you go?
Zelos: I got divorced, obviously. Who wants to marry a sue? ….although, I have heard that they’re good in bed-
Kratos: Too much information, Zelos.
“Storm...” Yuan said quietly as he glanced over to her. She had her eyes closed but opened them slowly when she heard her name. She groaned a little to let him know she was listening.
“Storm, I have something very important to ask you,” he told her as he moved a little, forcing her to sit up and look at him. She stared at him wondering what he had to tell her.
She cocked her head a little. “What is it Yuan?” she asked innocently.
“Do you love me?” he asked her as he stared into her hazel eyes.
Yuan: WHAT?!?!?!
Storm was a little taken aback by his question. She stared at him for an uncomfortable amount of time.
::Yuan is trying to stand up, but Kratos and Lloyd are restraining him::
Lloyd: Lord Yuan! Get ahold of yourself!
Zelos: …wait, Lord Yuan?
Finally she replied, “Of course I do. I’m sorry if I don’t seem like it anymore, it’s just hard without Zelos. I don’t feel like myself’s like I don’t feel whole anymore. It still hurts,” Storm replied.
Zelos: Okay, I must have dumped her.
Astarael: Smart man.
::Kratos and Lloyd Force Yuan back to his seat, Yuan mumbling darkly under his breath::
Yuan: muttermuttermakeMEfallinlovewithhersuehuhmuttermutter
“I understand...I can’t expect you to forget about him and I don’t want you to, but I do want you to consider doing something,” he told her as he grabbed her hand.
Yuan: Ever consider killing yourself?
“What’s that?” she asked him curiously, wondering where this was going exactly.
Zelos: Lloyd, Kratos, you may want to move.
Lloyd: Why?
Zelos: I’ve seen enough movies in this world to know EXACTLY what’s going to happen next, and Yuan is NOT going to be happy.
::Lloyd and Kratos take a look at Yuan, who is grumbling angrily, then move.::
“Storm, will you marry me?” he asked her.
Yuan: …AUTHOR SAY WHAT NOW?!?!?!?!
::Yuan begins to float upwards, Thunderbolts beginning to strike the theater…::

Management: ... We apologize for the delay. Due to Yuan destroying the theater, the remaining of the screening had to be moved next door. Hopefully, he’ll pay us for the damages without a fight.
Storm’s breath hitched and she felt a strange chill run down her spine.She was speechless and didn’t know how to answer him. She wanted to say yes, but there were things that prevented her from saying this suddenly.
Yuan: ::Who is now in a special chair that restrains his power and movement:: Yeah, you BETTER say no…
Zelos: ::panting:: I thought I was going to die…
Lloyd: No kidding.
“What about Martel?” she asked him.
Yuan: WHO I AM STILL IN LOVE WITH, BY THE WAY, AND NOT SOME SUE BRAT OF KRATOS’-no offence, Kratos, but I’d never go for one of your children.
Kratos: None taken, and if you did, I would have no qualms about cutting off your-
Lloyd and Astarael: ::Sympathetic wince::
“It’s been four thousand years. Martel wouldn’t have wanted me to be alone my entire life, for an eternity. I know Zelos wouldn’t have wanted you to be alone either.
Zelos: Actually, I couldn’t care either way. I mean, I dumped her, right?
I know this because he told me he didn’t want you to stay alone after his death.
Astarael: You were saying?
Zelos: But…But…think of all the hunnies that would be heartbroken at my untimely demise!
Kratos: Well, you certainly haven’t changed.
He knew you would live long past him and he didn’t want you to remain alone afterwards. Of course, we didn’t expect anything like this...” Yuan told her.
Storm thought for a moment. Zelos had wanted her to remarry?
Yuan: maybe, BUT NOT TO ME, DAMMIT!!
Astarael: Settle down there, Half-elf.
Yuan: You settle down, Mr. Fluffy.
Astarael: …You are drowning after this is over, mark my words.
She thought it over for a minute, realizing that Yuan was telling the truth, it was something that Zelos would say. She slowly nodded her head, tears forming in her eyes before she wrapped her arms around Yuan’s neck.
Yuan: ::Frothing at the mouth::
After Yuan pried Storm off of his neck he pulled her back to look into her eyes. They were the warm and loving eyes he remembered and had waited for for so long.
All: ::GAG::
Zelos: The sap! The SAP!
Yuan: ::alternately twitching and Frothing at the mouth:: Kiiiilllll…
He smiled softly before the two met in a kiss, sealing their engagement.
Kratos, Lloyd and Zelos: ::Clap hands over ears::
Zelos: Hey, some of us have angelic hearing, you know!
Astarael: ::Smile:: Ah, sweet music…
Zelos: …what the hell is WRONG with you?
Astarael: I’m a demon, idiot.

Okay, I know, sucky chapter

All: You don’t know the half of it.

but it’s just a transition. Sorry, but I think the next one is a transitionish one too. There is a little something more in the next chapter though.

Kratos: Like more bashing of my wife?

Yuan: Like more kissy-kissy scenes between me and your sue?!

Lloyd: Like more scenes that I’m not even mentioned in?!

Zelos: Like more of my hotness being dead?

Astarael: Don’t look at me, I’m not even in this.

Anyway, thanks for reading and please don’t forget to review!!

All: ::look at the screen::

Yuan: Your fic SUCKS!

Kratos: What did my wife ever do to you?!

Zelos: What did my hotness ever do to you?!

Lloyd: What did I do?!

Astarael: I want to eat your soul.

Everyone else: ::Stare at Astarael::

Astarael: …What?

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