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Shinigami LANA


It seems like everything starts with murders.

…This sordid little tale certainly does.

Murders as random as they are violent-blood pooling on the sidewalks and roads, bodies lying in plain sight, not tucked away safely in some dark alley. But always, on a nearby wall or floor, there is a vibrant-and horrible-sight:

Words…Crimson words....written in blood…

….words that read ‘Shinigami LANA.’

What little evidence the Police and the investigators can collect tell them nothing-There are no finger-prints, no hair, no fibers. It’s as if a god of death just swooped down and killed them.

With every passing day, more are killed…

There have been numerous leads, but none of them concrete.

There have been many glimpses of a strange, black haired and red eyed woman who is always seen running away from the scene-but when anyone goes to chase her, she seems to just….vanish.

The police are at the end of their rope, scrambling for answers and time…

Michael Edwards, a detective in the homicide department of the city, had once speculated about why a person would commit the crimes that ‘Shinigami LANA’ had.

“Well, she’s a psychopath, obviously…hatred against a certain race or gender? Nah, her vics. are all different people…totally unrelated…which is weird, because Serial killers normally have a pattern with who they kill…Hmm…Though I think at this point, she’s considered a mass murderer…”


“…and while I’m asking questions to the air, why can’t she just use goddamn english? Would’ve saved me five minutes of my life doing internet research….”

Michael Edwards, was, for the most part, a completely normal man. He had a beautiful Fiancé (which of whom he was getting married to in a few months), a best friend, who at times was a little odd, loving parents who were thrilled to have a soon-to-be-Daughter-in-law….

And despite the occasional Vision-no, headache-He was your average man. Nothing strange or weird about him at all.

But the ‘Shinigami LANA’ murder cases seemed to haunt him, somehow…for some strange reason, he felt as if he were connected to it…

He shrugged it off, saying that it was probably just nerves. The subject matter was pretty unnerving, after all.

If only he knew just how connected he was to all of it….


“Help us, Michael….”

“You’re the only one Left…”

…Soon he would delve deep into the mind of the killer…and discover that not all is as it seems…

“That one was just a Tainted, Michael. You have no need to grieve…”

“Damnit it, get out of my head! Get out, Get out!”

He would soon see the twisted, bloody web that caused the murders to come…

“Why?! Why do you have to do this to her?! She’s just a little girl!”

“You think I’m doing this because I want to? I don’t!”

Of a Government plot rife with Treachery…

“How is the….experiment coming along?”

“It’s going as planned, sir. You don’t have to worry about a thing.”

He would even see the power of the Human mind…

“Look at this. Her brain activity is just off the charts….”

“…Is…is she making that thing…float?”
And he would discover many things about himself…

“We are the three who are one, the one who are three…But we were not always just three…”


“We were four.”

And he would eventually have to make a choice.

“They screamed before they died, Michael…”

“They cried out…”


A choice that may very well destroy everything.

“What the hell is going on?”


“Do I even know anymore?”

A choice involving a little girl…


Who just wanted…

“Please…could you…would you…”

…to go home.

“…Please. Take me home.”
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